These are some of my favourite websites:

Katy Evans Bush's
essential poetry blog

my partner Isao Miura's 

Hama Tuma
hilarious Ethiopian satirist and political campaigner

Lemn Sissay, brilliant performer full of Ethiopian blood!

Anglo-Ethiopian Society

one of my favourite poets
Pascale Petit

another favourite poet, 
Moniza Alvi

the fabulous and exciting
Daljit Nagra!!!

the amazing Annie Freud

Poetry London

Carcanet/Oxford Poets

MPT magazine, the indispensable!

Here is a ceiling of angels in the church of Debre Birhan, Gondar, and below is a boy showing off his skills with the whip. 

This is a boy playing the flute near Tiss Abay Falls, and lower down, a younger me looking out over Lake Zwai.